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Instructions for Console Application Configuration

Instructions for the Graphical User Interface:

Run the GUI application by double-clicking the ReportingServices.DeploymentCenter.UI.exe.

The application will launch. The report server settings will need to be set before any files can be uploaded.

Select Settings from the Report Server menu.

Enter the report server name, ip address and port or url (exclude "http://" and any trailing path).
Enter the execution or service username including the domain (use the machine name if AD is not used).
Enter the execution or service user's password.

Select the Refresh button to load the list of deployment folders from the report server.
Select a folder to deploy your reports and then select Save

On the main window select the Select Items To Deploy button.
This will open a file selection dialog where you can select the reports and data sources to upload.

Choose to overwrite existing files by checking or un-checking the Overwrite Existing Items check-box.

Select the Deploy Items button to begin the deployment. The progress bar will report the deployment status, and a modal window will show when the deployment is complete.

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